Open Mic Event - Hospital @ Home

November 12, 12:00pm, EST - 1:00pm, EST

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Hospital @ Home

Health systems are redefining their path to recovery by establishing Hospital at Home programs that provide pre-hospitalization, acute, post-acute and ambulatory care in a patient’s home - meaning care delivery is no longer confined to medical buildings or office hours. This shift requires various assets in a health system’s care ecosystem to align in new and meaningful ways. Join us to hear one organization's story about how to drive this important care transformation work.

Speaker 1: Tina Burbine - Senior Director for Healthlink Advisors

Tina is the Senior Director of Data and Analytics service line for Healthlink Advisors, an independent healthcare advisory firm based in Tampa, Florida. Tina has over 20 years of information technology, healthcare, and advisory consulting experience. She enjoys serving clients to address a myriad of healthcare technology challenges. Focusing in the provider and payer markets, providing strategic care management approaches, virtual care delivery strategies, IT strategies and data strategies.

Tina is an active member of HIMSS where she currently serves on the board of the Arizona state chapter as the Vice President of Vendor Relations. Tina lectures part time at the University of Arizona’s Biomedical Informatics program providing expertise in data management.


Speaker 2: Katie Matte - Program Manager for Circle Health

Katie is a Program Director in the Lowell General Physician Hospital Organization, leading clinical transformation work for Circle Health, an integrated community healthcare delivery system composed of Circle Home, Lowell General Hospital, Lowell Community Health Center, and the community of local physicians, all located in the Merrimack Valley region of Massachusetts.

Katie has over 10 years of healthcare experience, largely focused in clinical quality, performance improvement, and health policy. She applies an innovative spirit to collaboration with clinicians to address unmet needs in a population through program development, implementation, and evaluation.